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  • What is IronDirect?
  • What does that really mean?
  • So you only offer "value-priced" machines?
  • Is IronDirect a manufacturer, or a distributor?
  • Why are your "value-priced" machines so much cheaper?
  • Are the prices really fixed?
  • How do the prices compare to competitors?
  • Don't I lose all the upfront value I save when I operate and resell your "value-priced" machines?
  • Do I buy machines online?
  • Is it safe to buy a high-value machine online?
  • What are your payment terms?
  • Where do I take ownership of my machines?
  • Do you offer financing?
  • When I place an order with IronDirect, is the equipment shipped direct to me?
  • Who arranges the shipping and pays for the shipping expense?
  • Who owns IronDirect?
  • Who is Liquidity Services?
  • What experience does the IronDirect team have?
  • What is AssetZone® software, and how can it help me?
  • Can I rent your machines?
  • Where do you sell your equipment?
  • Who are some of your customers?
  • Why should I trust you with my purchase?
  • I have a global business – where can you provide products and service support today?
  • Who is my primary point of contact at your business?
  • Do you offer financial services?
  • How much will it cost to load my IronDirect equipment?
  • How many machines can be loaded a day at the stock yard?
  • Who do you recommend to transport my IronDirect equipment?
  • Do you have dealers?
  • Is IronDirect an auction-based sale?
  • Is IronDirect a liquidator of surplus new equipment?
  • Why do you have multiple brands within the same product type?
  • Are you just an equipment broker?
  • How do I know that IronDirect will be here for the long haul? How can I be sure you will be able to support my machines for 5-10 years?
  • Why hasn't anything like this been done before?
  • Can I finance additional buckets or attachments with the machine?
  • Some of your machines have long lead times. Why is that acceptable to your customers?
  • I compared the price of your machines with used prices for comparable CAT models and they are equivalent to 3 year old CATs. Why should a buyer take a risk and go with IronDirect?

IronDirect is an American company offering construction equipment buyers a revolutionary and safe way to purchase, operate, and resell the machines, attachments, and parts needed to maximize uptime, productivity, and working capital.

We make it safe for you to own, operate, and resell equipment of all types – value-priced and premium products, new brands, and decades-old brands.

Not at all. Our "value-priced" lineup is only a portion of our product lineup. We sell products with cutting-edge technologies that are reflected in the price that you pay, industry leaders with decades of market leadership, and carefully selected "value-priced" machines that can dramatically reduce your acquisition costs, but still match your current machines in uptime and performance. We offer all of these things in our lineup.

IronDirect is neither and both, in a way. On the manufacturing side, we don't actually build the machines, but we control the selection, engineering, and quality assurance process of all our manufacturers. On the distribution side, we aren't bound by geography or non-compete contracts like a distributor, with their limited parts and machine stock, but we do directly provide world-class parts, service, and resale services for you. The best way to think of us is as a total system, enabled online to safely bring you value-priced machines, supported the way you want, through the lifecycle of the asset.

A combination of factors come together to deliver low-cost machines to you: the super efficiency of our selected suppliers, our ability to buy in bulk, and the removal of the traditional dealer margin you pay at your local dealer. All of this value is passed on to you.

Yes, they are. We provide the lowest possible fixed prices to eliminate the frustration and games of haggling over price. You can be sure you are getting the same price as other buyers like yourself.

We will always be the lowest-cost place to buy whatever it is you are looking for: be that our premium-priced products, or our "value-priced" products. For our "value-priced" lineup, our prices are 20% to 50% less than those of other leading brands.

Actually, your savings can grow an additional 10 to 15% over the lifecycle of your machines. Our uptime is at or above the level of other brands due to our machine quality control process, our parts investment and delivery system, and our Service Your Way flexibility. When it's time to recover the value of your machine at resale, our Iron Edge investment recovery program maximizes your return and gives you a safe back-end.

You can purchase from IronDirect online anytime, anywhere, and in any quantity. However, we can still work directly with our large-volume buyers to fill orders the "old-fashioned" way.

It is, since we are simply transferring funds from your bank to ours via wire transfer.

All orders online are payment-in-full at time of order unless otherwise specified.

You take ownership at the address where you requested the unit to ship if in the contiguous United States, or at port of exit.

Yes. IronDirect offers financing through our many partnerships to provide equipment finance options. Please contact Customer Support at 844-311-7538 for assistance.

Yes. The machines are shipped directly to the location you designate from either the manufacturing location or our stocking yards, at your choice.

Most smaller items ship free. for large equipment you can pickup, arrange shipping yourself, or have IronDirect arrange shipping. 

IronDirect is a subsidiary of Liquidity Services.

Liquidity Services (NASDAQ: LQDT) is the industry leader in managing and selling surplus assets. With 52 locations and nearly 3 million registered buyers worldwide, Liquidity Services ensures you receive maximum recovery for your surplus equipment.

Team members average over 25 years of experience at leading manufacturers and dealers including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Deere, Case, IR, and Sany.

AssetZone software maximizes utilization throughout your equipment's lifecycle by giving you the information and visibility you need to make strategic redeployment, sale, and trade-in decisions. It is built for companies that have a large number of assets to manage.

No, we only sell machines. However, we do supply turnkey fleet management services to large-volume projects of 20 machines or more lasting at least 18 months.

We sell and support equipment anywhere in the world.

We are doing business with large established fleet operators like Ameco Fluor, ICA, Bonatti, Copart, and Dyncorp.

All of the IronDirect team members are industry veterans, having served at CAT, Komatsu, Volvo, Deere, and other major manufacturers. We know how to engineer, build, support, and resell machines. The machines we have selected for you surpass our rigorous quality standards, and are supported with substantial investments to provide you with superior uptime. All IronDirect "value-priced" equipment comes with a two year/4,000 hour full machine warranty to protect your investment, service flexibility, and a parts guarantee.

IronDirect can work with you anywhere in the world where safety and political restrictions allow us to do business. We have employees in over 50 countries across the globe.

As we get to know each other, you will have an assigned sales lead and, once a purchase is made, an assigned account executive. We also have a dedicated team to help you resell your equipment through the Iron Edge program. Unlike most companies, you can speak directly to any of our executives at any time. We answer the phone.

Yes, we offer working capital loans and leases, sales and leasebacks, specialized loans (involving balloon or seasonal payments), and rental fleet finance programs throughout the United States and Canada – in both U.S. and Canadian dollars.

IronDirect offers loading services for the machines you purchase at no cost to you.

We have the capacity to load 20 machines daily.

You can pickup your machines, you can arrange freight, or IronDirect can arrange freight for you.

We do partner with select, like-minded dealers who are interested in joining the next generation of selling. However, you may always purchase online, anywhere in the world.

No, IronDirect sells all of our product at fixed, published prices.

No, selling new IronDirect equipment engineered to our specs is our core business.

IronDirect searches for the best products by size from manufacturers all over the world. Not every manufacturer has a full lineup of machines, so we provide machines from a variety of manufacturers to ultimately bring you the largest selection of products in the world.

IronDirect is much more than an equipment broker. Traditional brokers work to sell a piece of equipment, then move on to the next sale. IronDirect is built to partner with you throughout the life of your equipment: manufacturing, engineering, quality control, shipping, staging, inspecting, selling, supporting, and reselling. IronDirect also provides value-added services such as DirecTrac telematics, AssetZone software, DirectAssist app, extended warranty, retail finance, Iron Edge recovery, and online parts ordering.

IronDirect is funded for the long haul, with a publicly traded company as our parent company. Demand for our service by both customers and suppliers of equipment is very high.

Manufacturers typically restrict dealers of major brands from adding new brands to their offerings while also blocking development of new ways to support their customers. IronDirect was developed by people with deep industry experience who see the opportunity to unlock substantial value for its customers by doing things smarter, faster, and better, and we work exclusively with quality manufacturers who share our vision.

Yes. Please contact Customer Support at 844-311-7538 (toll free).

IronDirect can deliver many of its machines and attachments within days. However, some units that require special configurations, or units that have sold out quickly, have longer lead times. As demand continues to grow, we work with our suppliers to continually improve on lead times to meet your needs.

The better question is why take a risk by purchasing a used machine! IronDirect machines are new machines, with extended full machine warranties, and world class components you know and trust. Their productivity and operating costs will be much lower than mid-life machines entering into the operating period where operating costs add up for you, creating the risk of unplanned operating expenses.

  • What machines do you sell today?
  • What are the lead times?
  • What additional machines do you expect to sell in the future?
  • What if I am looking for machines that you don't currently offer?
  • What products do you offer in your "value-priced" lineup?
  • How do these "value-priced" machines compare to machines being sold in the U.S. today?
  • How long do IronDirect "value-priced" machines last compared to the competition?
  • What proof do you have?
  • What do you do to ensure the quality and reliability of the machines?
  • What's the difference in quality between an IronDirect "value-priced" product and a CAT?
  • How can you afford to charge me 30% less and maintain the same quality?
  • What options are available on the "value-priced" machines?
  • Are the components on the "value-priced" machines copies or knockoffs?
  • In what key ways are IronDirect "value-priced" machines different?
  • Are the machines copies of CAT/Komatsu/Deere?
  • Can I see the QA report for my machine?
  • What do you inspect in your QA process?
  • What's the difference between an IronDirect machine and the same model from the same OEM?
  • Where do you have inventory of machines? Do you ship all machines from overseas when you get an order?
  • How do your machines compare in fuel efficiency to the competition?
  • Do you have any zero tail or short swing radius excavators?
  • Do you have swing booms on your excavators?
  • Can the monitor language be changed?
  • What major components do you use in your machines?
  • What is the quality of your steel?
  • What other companies have bought IronDirect machines?
  • Are IronDirect machines Tier 3 or 4?
  • Will you be introducing T4i or T4f machines?
  • Will you have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in your T4f machines?
  • Will I need Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) on the T4f machines?
  • Will operators have to manually regen your T4f machines?
  • How do you select and qualify your suppliers?
  • How do you guide or control the engineering of IronDirect machines?
  • Where can I see IronDirect's machines?
  • Can I order attachments through IronDirect?
  • Do you offer on-site training for your machines?
  • Are your excavators pilot controls or electric over hydraulic controls?
  • Do you have different working modes in the machines?

All of our products come from like-minded manufacturers who see the future of the industry, and will include value-priced and premium products, new brands, and decades-old brands. At launch, IronDirect sells a full line of excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, pipelayers, backhoes, scraper-tractor combos, Light Compaction Equipment and Site-Dumpers globally. Review our product section for up-to-date offerings.

IronDirect will provide a full line of construction and industrial equipment in the near future, including other earthmoving machines, aerial lifts, industrial forklifts, and related machines and attachments. We are currently evaluating emerging manufacturers of all other major product types. Look for more machines added very frequently.

We want to work with you to solve your fleet challenges. Our engineering and commercial teams will work with you on a project to define your machine needs – including detailed specs and target price points – and then use our global sourcing expertise to find and qualify emerging manufacturers who can meet those needs. All products and solutions we present to you will be supported by the entire IronDirect platform.

IronDirect machines have been rigorously tested to make sure that their productivity and durability meets or exceeds that of established brands. Some of the non-production-related features found in other brands, such as touchscreen monitors and air-conditioned seats, are not included on the IronDirect machines. This helps to keep the price low and makes the machines easier to service and maintain. If an option or feature doesn't help you make more money, or if it adds complexity and cost to serviceability, we generally don't include it.

Our machines are designed to meet or exceed the durability and reliability of our competitors' machines. They are NOT built as "throwaway" machines, or to have shorter operational lives than a CAT or Komatsu.

Our machines go through extensive testing programs, use proven main components from brands you trust, and are built with high-quality structures assembled using robotic welding systems. They have proven themselves in the most demanding markets in the world.

We have a comprehensive test and audit program, including multiple stages of pre-delivery inspections, which together greatly reduce any reliability issues. This program is managed directly by IronDirect employees embedded into the factories of our suppliers. We never purchase any equipment until we green tag it to our full satisfaction.

The quality is equal to or better than a CAT, ensured by our processes and end-of-line quality reviews done by IronDirect employees, both at the factory and before delivery.

We do this in three ways. One, we buy in bulk from the leanest and largest manufacturers in the world. Two, we remove all unnecessary margins that exist in the current way you buy machines. Three, we operate at aggressive margins and succeed by selling in volume.

In order to keep costs and lead time as low as possible, IronDirect has specified a base-level machine that includes most of the options that U.S. customers demand. If you have a specific need that our base machine doesn't meet, please review the list of all available options.

The major components (engines, transmissions, pumps, valves, and drive motors) are built by and distributed directly from the world's leading suppliers, including Kawasaki, Rexroth, ZF, Dana, Cummins, Grammer, Yanmar, and Doosan. They are NOT copies or knockoffs.

The IronDirect products operate the same way that competitive machines operate. Controls, production, and reliability of the IronDirect machines match those of the competitive machines. The IronDirect machines' computers are generally less complex than other machines, which means that they are less prone to failure.

No. They use similar technologies as market-leading brands. The components are commonly used and serviced in the U.S. market.

Of course. Every machine receives a unique electronic "birth certificate" assigned by IronDirect, which you have access to via the QR tags on your machines.

There are well over 200 inspection points covering paint, exterior, options, decals, electrical, cab, fluids, engine compartment, structural components, hydraulics, performance levels, and documentation.

IronDirect machines are designed to our specs and benefit from our unique support structure including telematics, quality assurance and inspection programs, parts investment and logistics capabilities, proprietary technology tools, service support, and investment recovery tools.

We stock key models in the U.S. with some option selections available. Custom configurations are built on demand and have longer lead times.

All of our machines use competitive, state-of-the-art Cummins, Deutz, Mercedes, and Yanmar engine technology – the same technology that powers many brands of machines in the market today.

Not at this time, but designs are underway and new brands will be added to the lineup regularly.

Not at this time, but designs are underway and new brands will be added to the lineup regularly.

Currently, English is the only language available.

We build your machines using components from proven, trusted manufacturers including Cummins, Kawasaki, ZF, Grammer, Rexroth, and Dana.

The steel used in IronDirect products is 100% hot rolled steel from new mills and is equal to or, in most cases, better than our competitors' steel. It is all hot rolled steel from new mills.

IronDirect sells to some of the largest equipment buyers in the world including Ameco, ICA, and Bonatti, with over 40 of the largest volume buyers in the world in discussions.

Currently IronDirect sells both Tier 4 machines, and Tier 3 machines using EPA exemption certificates. We are working with the manufacturers to develop Tier 4 products and anticipate they will be available next year.

All machines will be introduced as T4f.

No. DPFs are not used on our T4f machines. Cummins uses selective catalytic reduction and diesel oxidation catalysts to control emissions.

Yes. The medium and large machines require DEF, the same as many other brands.

No, regen happens automatically.

Manufacturers are selected based on quality, value, market leadership, and reliability.

IronDirect's own engineering team guides our manufacturer partners to develop, design, and deliver machines that meet your demands.

We recommend that you join our next live demonstration online, or schedule an online one-on-one review of our machines. You will be able to see and interact with our sales team and the machines in real time live online. You are also welcome to visit our 100-acre Customer Experience Center in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

Yes, we offer attachment programs through several partners.

All training is done through our groundbreaking DirectAssist app. Face-to-face training is also available by request.

The excavators are straight hydraulic pilot controls. The controls can be switchable between SAE and ISO patterns.

Yes. The engine and hydraulics are matched so that different throttle levels correspond to different working modes.

The excavators are straight hydraulic pilot controls. The controls can be switchable between SAE and ISO patterns

Yes. The engine and hydraulics are matched so that different throttle levels correspond to different working modes.

  • Who services the machine? I don't understand Service Your Way.
  • How do I qualify to do my own service in warranty?
  • Do you really pay me to do my own warranty?
  • How much do you pay me?
  • How do I file for warranty?
  • How do I get paid for warranty work?
  • Do my repairs need to be inspected before I am reimbursed for warranty if I complete them myself?
  • Who do I call if I have a problem?
  • How will you resolve the problem?
  • Aren't you just outsourcing the service to anyone, anywhere?
  • Can I tell you who I want to service my machine?
  • Can I suggest established equipment dealers such as CAT, Komatsu, or Case?
  • How do you work with your service providers?
  • How do you ensure quality of service?
  • If I need a replacement machine, how quickly can you provide one?
  • Do you offer telematics?
  • Who is Liquidity Services?
  • How much does the telematics cost me?
  • What information does it provide?
  • Is it exclusive to IronDirect, and does it integrate with other systems?
  • How do you use telematics to support me?
  • What are your failure rates?
  • How big is your existing service network?
  • Who are your service providers?
  • Which service providers are in my area?
  • What is the warranty on your machines?
  • Do you offer extended warranty?
  • What is covered under warranty?
  • Do I have to purchase my parts from IronDirect?
  • Can I purchase parts from a local vendor and file for warranty?
  • Can I perform structural repairs, such as welding on the bucket or boom/dipper arm? Do I need to be certified?
  • What tools or diagnostics will I have to purchase to be able to repair my equipment? Are they available from IronDirect?
  • Is my transportation cost covered under warranty when it's necessary to take my machine to a repair facility?
  • Is there a list showing all of the approved service providers and locations?
  • How do you determine local labor rates?
  • If we have a problem, do we have to call the equipment manufacturer?
  • If I need some help with an application can you help me with information regarding that?
  • How are manuals distributed?
  • What manuals come with the machine?
  • Can I order physical copies of manuals?
  • Do you have manuals in other languages?
  • What is the DirectAssist app?
  • Do you offer a free maintenance product similar to "Komatsu Care"?
  • I downloaded and tried to register on your DirectAssist app and could not. What is going on?

IronDirect offers the customer a choice of who and how they want to have their IronDirect products serviced. You may perform the warranty service yourself if you qualify, select a service provider you already know and trust, or have IronDirect select a service provider in your area for you.

IronDirect has an application you must complete. This ensures processes are in place to support the transmittal of data and attachments (pictures), as well as a proficient level of training and tools.

That is just one of the options to explore. You have made an investment in personnel, tools, and equipment to repair your own units. We will survey your operation and qualify you to perform warranty repairs, and pay you for repairing the machine.

IronDirect will pay $110 per labor hour as outlined in our Labor Times Guide, reimburse parts at the retail price, and pay up to $300 in travel expenses per claim.

Warranty is filed online using our web portal.

Once a claim is evaluated, a check will be forwarded to you for the reimbursed amount on the claim. Parts are reimbursed at retail list price. Labor is reimbursed at $110 per hour for end-users, or 110% of published retail rates for service providers. Travel costs up to $300 per claim will be accepted.

Repairs greater than $5,000 need to be discussed with IronDirect prior to completion.

If there is a problem, call IronDirect and we will engage the correct IronDirect support to solve your problem.

Our Customer Support Managers will contact you to guide your service personnel, or your Service Provider, through the diagnosis of the issue and the resolution.

We carefully review and approve all potential service providers before appointing them as an authorized IronDirect service provider. This allows you to get access to the very best technical support in your area, rather than requiring you to work with a specific dealer.

Yes, you may suggest a service provider that you are comfortable doing business with who has provided you with excellent service work. We will take that recommendation and vet them through our process to qualify them. The qualification process typically takes less than 72 hours.

Yes. Our service program is open to anyone, as long as they are capable to deliver the high level of support that we require on your behalf.

Elected or chosen service providers are fully supported by IronDirect service and parts personnel, and are given industry-leading compensation for performing warranty repairs. Because of this, they will remain eager and capable to service your equipment.

IronDirect master technicians will support you or your qualified Service Provider directly, using whatever means works best: the DirectAssist app, phone, e-mail, and even physical visits as necessary.

We do not provide replacement machines. In the event there is a "machine-down" part that IronDirect cannot deliver in 48 Hours, IronDirect will pay the rental bill for a like-size unit until the part is delivered.

Yes, all units have DirectAssist telematics as standard equipment, with service paid for 3 years at no charge to you. Customers will be able to track the location and performance of their assets through our DirecTrac web portal, or information can be directly imported into your ERP System using the AEM/AEMP Telematics Standard.

Telematics hardware and 3 years of monthly service are paid for by IronDirect. After that, the price is $20 per month.

Location, machine hours, fuel consumption, machine health, oil pressures, fluid temperatures, alarms, and error codes.

DirecTrac is exclusive to IronDirect, yet the data is your data and using the AEM/AEMP Telematics Standard it can be seamlessly integrated into your ERP system.

IronDirect technical support utilizes telematics information to expedite repairs by service providers, offer application engineering support, and fulfill our parts commitment.

Our data supports that our units are of high quality and failures have been minimal. All of the key components are from proven manufacturers that have been in established machines for many years.

We have service providers in 29 states and parts of Canada. New service providers can be vetted and set up in our network within 72 hours.

Reputable companies that service and support other major brands and understand the significance of prompt, timely repairs. They may be established equipment dealers, or proven independent service providers.

IronDirect makes it easy to connect with qualified service providers. Simply give us your address, and we will give you the name and location of the nearest qualified service provider.

The IronDirect warranty varies based on machine type. Note the warranty per product in its description. All value-priced machines come with 2 years, or 4000 machine hours, whichever comes first for the full machine.

Additional coverage can be purchased at time of sale up to 5 years and 7500 hours, whichever occurs first, for either Full Machine, Powertrain Only, or Powertrain and Hydraulics. Let us know what you want and we will provide the cost.

All parts and labor, as outlined in the IronDirect Labor Times Guide, is paid, as well as travel time and mileage per the guidelines.

No, but it is profitable for you to do so. For parts purchased from IronDirect, you will be reimbursed at the full retail price for the part, even though your actual price from IronDirect is below full retail. You will make approximately 30% profit on the retail price of the parts purchased from IronDirect in warranty. If you purchase your warranty parts from another source, your reimbursement will be at the cost of the part.

Yes. You will need to electronically submit a copy of the invoice of the parts purchased with the claim.

Yes, a certified welder will be needed for structural repairs. If you employ a certified welder, they may be used. If you outsource the structural repair to a certified welder it will be supported during the warranty period.

All IronDirect machines use proven hydraulic and powertrain systems. They do not require a laptop or other specialized tools to diagnose or repair. Common hydraulic gauges and voltmeters, along with the service manuals provided on the IronDirect web portal, will diagnose and determine the correct course of repair.

Freight to move a machine is not covered under warranty. The warranty does reimburse up to $300 of travel expenses in order to perform a warranty repair on site.

We will advise you which service providers are in your area.

IronDirect will pay service providers 110% of their published retail hourly rates. IronDirect will pay those who choose to do their own warranty service $110 per hour.

No, you call IronDirect. IronDirect has the service contacts and information available to resolve your issue very quickly. We focus the manufacturers on doing what they do best, which is building quality machines.

Yes. Our engineering team can analyze your needs and recommend the correct equipment for the job.

All manuals are available electronically on the IronDirect website.

Parts, maintenance, engine, and operator manuals come with the machines.

With the manuals being available electronically, you are free to print the necessary pages or entire manuals locally.

Yes, manuals in other languages are available electronically.

DirectAssist is IronDirect's innovative mobile app that puts at your fingertips the most experienced service technicians and parts experts in the industry, in real time, within seconds.

IronDirect provides you with free maintenance parts for the first 1000 hours through our Welcome Kits. We can work with your assigned service provider to develop long term maintenance agreements to provide additional services needed for maintenance.

The DirectAssist App is exclusively for IronDirect customers. Once you have purchased product at IronDirect, we will activate your DirectAssist account.

  • How do I order parts?
  • Who do I call if I have questions regarding parts?
  • Where do you store parts?
  • How quickly do I receive my parts?
  • What do I pay for freight?
  • What is your total availability rate for parts?
  • Do you outsource your parts management to a 3rd party?
  • Are the parts you use knockoffs or copies?
  • How do your parts prices compare to leading brands?
  • How long do I wait for backordered parts?
  • How does the IronDirect 48 hour parts guarantee work?
  • What is included in the free "Welcome Kit" maintenance parts, and how does the program work?
  • What is "Containerized Parts Consignment", and who is eligible?
  • Do I get reimbursed for parts if I perform my own warranty work? What is the reimbursement rate?
  • How often do you update parts information?
  • Do I need my machine serial number to place a parts order?
  • How do I cancel a parts order?
  • How can I tell if IronDirect has received and shipped my order?
  • Is there a minimum order amount?
  • What are your hours for support?
  • Are credit cards accepted?
  • How do I return a part?
  • What is the time limit to return a part?
  • How do I check on a backordered part?
  • What is the latest time I can place an order?
  • Who owns the parts in the U.S.? Is it IronDirect or the OEM?
  • Can I buy undercarriage parts from my local shop?

All IronDirect customers can access our robust online parts catalog and ordering system using login credentials we will supply once a purchase has been made. For further ease of use, we are also integrated with SmartEquip for simple integration into your existing systems.

Please call the IronDirect Customer Service Center at (844) 311-7538, email us at, or contact us using the DirectAssist app.

IronDirect has a 450,000 square foot parts distribution center located in Columbus, Ohio. We also operate other fully-owned logistics facilities throughout the U.S. In addition, we require all our manufacturers to stock mirror inventory at their facilities as safety stock.

All parts orders will be filled and shipped the same day they are ordered, up until 5pm EST, and will be delivered anywhere in the U.S. within 24 hours.

For warranty parts, you pay the ground shipping rate, though the part ships overnight. For all other parts orders, you will pay according to the service chosen (next day, ground, LTL, etc.). IronDirect is not in the business of making money from freight charges.

As a new company we cant yet truly measure that, but we have ordered 100% of the bill of materials for every model we sell, and we have virtually every part. There will always be supplier delays, unplanned demand, and parts changes on machines that complicate things, but we are committed to ordering every part so it is landed in the U.S., ready to ship to you. Claims by manufacturers of extremely high parts availability rates are often marketing tools. We don't make a claim and ask you to believe us – we guarantee your uptime with our parts guarantee.

No. We operate fully-owned logistics facilities that manage thousands of SKUs each day for demanding customers like Amazon and Walmart.

No, the components used on the machines we sell are brands such as Cummins, Yanmar, Kawasaki, Rexroth, Doosan, Parker, ZF, and Grammer.

Our parts pricing is extremely competitive, saving our customers as much as 50%.

It is extremely unlikely IronDirect will ever need to back order your parts. If the situation arises, your part will be shipped air freight directly from mirror stock located at our manufacturers the next day.

For any machine-down situation caused by a failed part, IronDirect will deliver a replacement part within 48 hours of your order, or we will reimburse you for renting a comparable machine until the needed part is delivered.

The 500 hour and 1000 hour free "Welcome Kits" include all engine and hydraulic filters. Using the DirecTrac telematics system on every machine, we help you monitor the total hours used, and remind you of upcoming scheduled service intervals. As the 500 hour and 1000 hour service intervals approach, we will notify you to go online and fill out a short survey. Once the survey is complete, the parts will be shipped direct to your address, at no cost to you. That's right--we even pick up the shipping cost.

This added benefit allows our customers to have immediate, on-site access to replacement parts. It is available for volume customers with concentrated fleets on the same project.

Yes. When you purchase your parts, they will be priced at approximately 30% below retail prices. We will then reimburse you for those parts at the full retail price, meaning you will actually make money on the parts you use for warranty work if you self-service.

IronDirect continuously updates parts information in real time.

To ensure you receive the proper part, we will need the serial number of your machine. Serial numbers can be obtained from the machine's data plate or by scanning the machine's QR code.

Please call the Customer Service Center at (844) 311-7538, email us at, or contact us using the DirectAssist app. You will need to provide the parts order number.

We will notify you by email when we ship your order. That notification will contain a tracking number.

No, you can order any amount. If you need one bolt at $1.20, we will fill and ship your order.

Support is available from 8 AM to 9 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

Yes, credit cards are accepted. Alternatively, each customer can be set up as an account, and given terms for parts purchases.

The IronDirect spare parts return policy can be found online at In summary, you will request an RMA from the Customer Support Call Center, complete the return form, package the part to be returned in the original packaging, and forward the part with the RMA to our facility in Columbus, Ohio. You must submit your request to return a part within 15 days of the invoice date.

Once a return is approved, you have 30 days to return the part to the Columbus, Ohio facility.

Please call the Customer Service Center at (844) 311-7538, email us at, or contact us using the DirectAssist app.

To ensure your order ships the same day, we need to receive your order by 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.

IronDirect owns all of the parts stocked in the U.S., or any other global market where we do business.

Yes, our machines use the same sized undercarriage parts as most of the major brands in the U.S.

  • What type of facilities do your manufacturers operate?
  • How big are these companies?
  • Who are your exact suppliers?
  • How many machines have they sold in the U.S. and globally?

All of our manufacturers operate advanced facilities that compare to or exceed those you would typically find in the U.S.

The typical IronDirect supplier is a multibillion dollar company that owns the number one market share position in its local market, with a growing global presence.

Lonking is the largest supplier of wheel loaders in China, and builds the core of our wheel loader and excavator lines. Shantui is the number one supplier of dozers in China, and number two in the world. It supplies the core of our dozer and pipelayer lines. Magni is a new European company but with deep roots in the telehandler space, and supplies our telehandler line. Miskin is one of the leading suppliers of scrapers. CaseIH is the leading supplier of tractors. Paladin is the leading supplier of attachments. Berco is the leading supplier of undercarriages. Look for more suppliers ongoing.

Our suppliers run the full spectrum, from either deeply established in the market to entering the North American market for the first time. So while sales are just beginning, we can say that IronDirect sells to some of the largest equipment buyers in the world. Globally, our manufacturers have sold between 100,000 and 500,000 units and have been in business for many decades.

  • What will IronDirect machines be worth in 3-5 years?
  • How do the residuals on your "value-priced" machines compare to known brands?
  • Do you offer guaranteed buybacks?
  • Do you take trade-ins?
  • What is Iron Edge?
  • How do you sell my equipment?
  • What are my benefits and how do I earn them?
  • Do you guarantee I will sell my machine?
  • The prices for used Shantui and LonKing equipment I found online looked very cheap. Doesn't this mean there is limited residual value in the machines you are selling?

Market conditions are always difficult to assess 3-5 years out. These are proven machines that have performance equal to or better than other brands. Note that in addition to retaining high value and performance levels throughout the lifetime of the equipment, IronDirect machines are also backed by the Iron Edge program to help maximize investment recovery when you decide it is time to sell. See below for details on the Iron Edge program.

IronDirect products depreciate at the same percentage as leading brands. Because of their lower starting price, the residual value in dollars is lower. However, total operating cost is the thing to focus on, not end residual value. The life cycle cost of our machines is the very best in the industry, in some cases as much as 50% below leading brands.

Not at this time, but we do offer the Iron Edge program. See below.

High-volume trade-in packages are available for your end-of-life equipment, while making room for new IronDirect machines.

When you buy IronDirect equipment, you get the Iron Edge. Iron Edge members can make use of IronDirect's parent company, Liquidity Services, to market their surplus IronDirect equipment to a global buyer base of over 3 million registered, pre-vetted buyers. And, as Iron Edge members, you will enjoy substantially reduced rates, well below industry levels, when we sell your equipment.

We will tailor your sale to unlock the highest return for your equipment, using auctions, sealed bids, negotiated sales, or a combination thereof; whatever works best to maximize your return.

With the Iron Edge, benefits get better as you purchase more IronDirect equipment. For purchases up to $3M you earn Gold status which qualifies for an 8% fee with no Buyers Premium. For $3M-$10M you earn Platinum status with a 6% fee and finally, above $10M you earn Diamond status with a 4% rate. We will mutually agree to an expense budget for travel, labor and marketing for each sale. These rates are well below industry standards, but still provide world-class investment recovery.

We do not. Our incentive is to maximize your investment recovery, so we may implement multiple strategies to bring the best return. Our auctions do not have to be absolute and we can protect your return with the use of auction reserves.

New brands sold the "old way" thru traditional dealer channels struggle with this for several reasons, but most notably: weak or no distribution coverage, unknown levels of product support, unknown brand recognition, and unknown parts support. IronDirect solves these problems for the secondary buyer, providing support and parts anywhere a customer wants to buy the unit. We also package the DirectTrac telematics report with every machine to provide peace of mind on usage characteristics and total spend on parts and service, because we have direct control over all these items. Lastly, we control the sale of the unit by actively encouraging all IronDirect machine sellers to use our discounted investment recovery channels. In short, we have skin in the game to ensure top dollar recovery, and we know how to do it.